Staff Bios

Alicia Myers, MS CMHC, QMHP
Professional Disclosure Statement

Alicia Myers is a Mental Health Therapist for Shangri La. She has a theoretical orientation focused on Person-Centered Theory, where the person served is in-control of his/her destiny. She has worked for Shangri La within the housing services department for 7 years, providing various levels of support to the people we serve. She went to the initial Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving in 2012, and found that the model aligns with her philosophy on how to support people. Alicia received a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Trauma and Crisis Management, and she is currently working on her hours towards licensure. Alicia is currently a Certified Trainer for Collaborative Problem Solving and provides these trainings and consultations when they are requested. For more information, please see Alicia’s Professional Disclosure Statement.
Tyler Wolfe
Tyler is a Behavior Consultant with Shangri-La. In this role, Tyler uses positive behavior supports to proactively help individuals with challenging behaviors. Tyler is also a Qualified Mental Health Associate (QMHA). He graduated with honors from Western Oregon University receiving a B.S. in Community Health Education, with a minor in Sociology Community Service. Passionate about helping others and its possibilities, Tyler provides a variety of services that help improve Individuals social functioning, enhance their independence and engage them in productive activities.
Hannah Shuholm
Hannah is a Behavior Consultant who works with individuals with developmental and/or mental health disabilities to help create support documents and techniques for teams to use that explain how best to assist the individual in their daily lives.

Hannah believes that teamwork, good communication, and proactive strategies are the keys to success when providing supports for people in this field.

Hannah has worked for Shangri-La in many capacities over the last 4 years starting with being a volunteer, an intern, and most recently a Software Administrator. As a Behavior Consultant Hannah enjoys focusing on helping clients develop goals for themselves, as well as promoting lifestyle skill building and community inclusion.

Hannah is a Qualified Mental Health Associate (QMHA), a Certified Therap Trainer, as well as an Instructor Candidate for the Oregon Intervention System (O.I.S). Providing topical trainings and leading team development discussions are both ways that she enjoys using her skills in teaching and helping others learn.

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Corban University and graduated with honors.
Joel McDermeit
Joel McDermeit joined the Shangri-La Behavioral Health Team as a Behavior Consultant in November of 2016. Four months after joining the Shangri-La team, Joel was credentialed as a Qualified Mental Health Associate (QMHA.) Joel is also an Oregon Intervention System (OIS) Instructor.

Joel started his career in supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (both adults & adolescents) in April of 2006 at a smaller agency in Marion County. There, he began as a Direct Support Professional for 2 1/2yrs, then was promoted to a Manager where he supervised several programs and assisted in employee development and agency structure. After 6yrs of managing, Joel was promoted to the agencies Positive Behavior Support Specialist in September of 2014.

Joel enjoys engaging with the individuals supported and assisting them in developing person-centered, obtainable goals. Joel has a philosophy of helping individuals not just live independent lives but to live rich, full, meaningful lives. This philosophy is based on the mindset that by creating the conditions for an individual to grow to their full potential, the success gained from this will instill a higher sense of confidence in them, allowing them to build on their skills to create a more well-balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.
LaJeana Boss
LaJeana Boss is a qualified mental health professional with over 23 years of experience. She started working with Alzheimer's patients as a direct care provider in 1991, and in 1994 she assisted in the opening of a secure residential treatment facility for Good Neighbor. Through collaboration with the county, LaJeana and her staff were able to assist individuals through a transition from the state hospital, to the secure facility and then out into the community. She worked with the county and other direct care staff to ensure her clients had access and assistance with skill building, community integration, budgeting and the basic life skills that the client needed to master in order to achieve their highest level of independence. In 2005 she assisted in the opening of another SRTF, that served clients with dual mental health and physical health needs. She provided all training to direct care staff and nurses. Eventually, she transitioned into an administrative role, governing both secure facilities in the Good Neighbor organization (Now known as Elder Health and Living).

After five years of successful administrative experience, Elder Health and Living closed their doors, and Mrs. Boss transferred to a management role within Shangri-La, opening 2 residential treatment facilities, including one which focused on serving 370 clients. After both homes were established and had been operational for 2 years, she continued to manage the 370 RTH and embraced the opportunity to start and create Shangri-La’s Independent Living Services Program, in conjunction with her other management responsibilities.

This program focuses on easing clients through the transition to independent living, and provides the supports necessary for each client to find success in their community. The supports are personalized to meet the needs of each client, and are determined at intake but also modified as the client gains experience and improves their skill set.

In 2016 Mrs. Boss transitioned out of RTH management, continued to run the ILS program, and started collaborating with community and county stakeholders in order to establish, create and then operate Shangri-La’s Supported Housing services. She also worked with county and community stakeholders to create the partnerships needed to get Shangri-La’s Rental Assistance program up and running.
Christina Love
About me:
I was raised in and around Salem Oregon, thus am a proud native Oregonian. When I was 19 I originally entered college as a Business major, only to change my major to Psychology after one amazing Psychology course that changed my life. It was then that I began to pursue a career within the mental health field, thus graduating in 2014 with a M.S. degree in Behavioral Science, and in 2017 I earned my certification as a Peer Support Specialist within Oregon.

Prior to working for Shangri- La, I spent 2 years working with 15 individuals that were overseen by the PSRB. While a short experience, it allowed me to learn how to listen to the individual, not their diagnosis. Since becoming a part of Shangri-La in 2015, I have been able to utilize my education and knowledge by working one on one with individuals, putting into practice the importance of recognizing each individual as they are; unique.
Curtis Brown
Straight from the Digital World, Curtis Brown serves as our Software Administrator. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology, as well as professional experience in both higher education administration and digital application development.
Lucas Pitman
It is my passion to assist individuals with challenges they currently do not have the resources to manage independently. My goal is to help people gain the capabilities to live their lives as self-sufficiently as possible and to achieve their highest potential.

Counseling Theory:
My approach to counseling incorporates elements of Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Object Relations Therapy. I believe all people have the ability to become more satisfied with their lives regardless of current status and improved satisfaction can be obtained by looking at both the past and the present.

Experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of challenges ranging from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder to interpersonal problems and Severe and Persistent Mental Illness.

-Internship at Corban University Free Mental Health Clinic serving low income outpatient counseling clients
-Supporting Therapeutic Foster Care youth through both Albertina Kerr and Catholic Community Services with individual skill building and case management.
-Completing intakes for youth needing SubAcute psychiatric services through Albertina Kerr Centers
-Supporting adults with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness through Shangri-La's Residential Treatment Homes, providing individual support, assisting with transitions and completing treatment plans.

Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Counseling from Corban University
Emily Bunker
I have worked with Shangri-La for 10 years. I have extensive experience working with underprivileged youth and families through the TANF system, assisting folks with I/DD and Mental Health Diagnoses in group settings, teaching classes about Positive Behavior Supports, and working alongside people we serve to create support plans that help them thrive.

I enjoy focusing on youth that have endured traumatic experiences throughout their lifetime. There are so many factors that can contribute to positive youth development.

Helping people is my passion! I believe that creativity and diversity are essential to our services at Shangri-La, so we can support others with life goals.